Commercial Companies

2011-Ongoing | Indonesia, Indonesia

Case Overview

COMMERCIAL COMPANIES CORIM conducts a significant number of security tasks for commercial companies, primarily conducting site survey and assessment, visits to locations of interest in Borneo, Sumatera and Celebes area and organizing/maintaining close coordination with industry officials, government officials, Indonesia Security Forces, Local Communities and other relevant entities. CORIM helps them develop their long term security strategy. PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES CORIM provides integrated corporate security and risk management expertise charged with establishing and developing appropriate risk management methodologies for organization. CORIM’s service provision to date includes multiple components of capability including the provision of a intelligence stream, specialist risk analysis, monitoring and mitigation of physical and technical threats over multiple locations. MULTI-NATIONAL COMPANIES CORIM provides vital hands-on support for counterfeit investigation. Conduct an operation to Identify counterfeiters, importers, warehouses and distributors. Uncovering the networks and the channels, Inspecting and controlling the manufacturing, destruction and recycling processes; Cooperating with local law enforcement agencies in apprehending suspects and seizing counterfeiting product.